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I finally saw “Young at Heart”, the documentary about the Young@Heart Chorus.  People have been telling me to see this for a long time, and now I know why.  If there was ever a group of people who better exemplified the best of what it means to be a performer, I don’t know who they would be.

The Young@Heart Chorus is a world-traveling group of singers in their seventies and older, who are based in Northampton, MA.  The documentary follows the chorus as they prepare to mount a new concert, and it focuses on several of its members.  Along the way, the group deals with learning difficult material, frailty, illness, and even death.

What makes these performers remarkable to me is their professionalism, their positive outlook, and their need and desire to perform, come what may.  It’s inspirational to watch and, frankly, it puts most of us to shame.

My favorite scene in the movie is when the chorus gives a performance at a prison, just after learning of the death of one of its members.  Watch the inmates’ faces as the chorus sings Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”, and think about what it means to make a profound impact on an audience, even under difficult emotional circumstances.